Steve Stone

Developer. Designer. Youth Worker. Nerd.

Design System


We've spun up several tools and have plans for some upcoming tools at DYM. Rather than reinvent the wheel every time, I decided to learn Storybook and create a design system. Storybook self-documents and has some fun UI features allowing you to test out React Components before you drop them into your project. I love how easy it is to put all of your code, documentation, and use-cases in the same place as the components themselves, because I am terrible at remembering to change everything!

Behind the Scenes

The system is based on Storybook. The storybook portion is hosted on Netlify. When merging to main Netlify deploys a new version.

There is a second "output" for the app, which is a package hosted on Github Packages. When running auto, it will bump the version number, update a changelog, and version control another release on Github. In other applications, update the version number to the latest and all projects will have an up-to-date design system!