Steve Stone

Developer. Designer. Youth Worker. Nerd.

Score Keep

Score Keep Score Keep Score Keep


After the success of Spin The Wheel, we decided to take our learning and create a second product. Another tool that we had been asked for in the past was a way to keep score. A tally system that is fast and easy to use, theme-able, and does the math (we, youth workers, hate math).

Score Keep let you choose between a couple themes, name your teams, set a point value, and quickly add or subtract points. It even had a built in countdown for timed games.

Behind the Scenes

Like Spin That Wheel, Score Keep was developed in Adobe Flex and distributed on DVD-ROM and online. My favorite part about this project was it got me started thinking about how to manage multiple projects at the same time. I started trying to reuse components and design elements, and seeing systems and architect them together. The idea was that we could keep creating dozens of these tools that we needed in our own ministry.