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Leader Training Library

Leader Training Library Leader Training Library Leader Training Library


One of the really cool perks of being a member at DYM is access to the Leader Training Library. Accessible to any Silver and Gold members, you get access to over 40 10-minute long videos intended to train your volunteer leaders from some of the smartest minds in youth ministry. If you're not logged in or part of a lower membership, you only get a preview of each video.

Behind the Scenes

This app uses Wordpress at it's core. We use Advanced Custom Fields, custom post types, a custom login, and a plugin that connects with our API to determine at login your membership level. It's a simple.


We only had a few weeks to build this product. I worked with a fellow developer and did a lot of the design work. I also had to convert a lot of the video, which meant that I got to learn FFMpeg and automated a lot of it from the command line.

Since the original build I moved it from Digital Ocean to Flywheel and manage any maintenance for it.