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December 10, 2013

I just discovered Sails.js, a realtime MVC framework for Node.js.

To be honest, I am not even completely sure an MVC means (I know it means Model-View-Controller). I've spent hours reading nerdy-article after nerdy-article about MVC and the pros and cons, and how its so simple and whatnot. I understand that it is something I need to know, but my mind hasn't grasped it yet.

That all being said, I discovered Node because I wanted to do a project involving sockets, which, from my understanding can be done in almost any language, but Node developers seem to be talking non-stop about it. I also knew that I wanted an MVC for the framework of my node project. So I searched GitHub and really only found one guy who made an MVC framework for Node that I could follow. What then transpired was 6 months of building an app that may one day see the light of day.

Then, the other day I discovered Sails.js. If you're interested, watch the video below.


I like that it has Express,, and the database already ready to go. I like that it has a ton of other features that I have heard of but have no idea what they do (yet!). I'm super stoked.