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Holier Than Thou

February 18, 2022

I just finished Holier than Thou by Jackie Hill Perry. This book is amazing. I wish I could stay in this book way longer. I may reread it in the future.

Jackie works through what it means to be holy and why God is supremely unique in this way. She patiently paints the picture of a God and his holiness, letting you dwell in it and realize that no Sunday-school definition can do it justice. After staying there, she digs deep, talking about his perfection and transcendence. This was so good.

Here she talks about how we humans can't comprehend things like omnipotence and infinite, we we think we understand love because we do it and receive it. And God is perfect love. However, our own understanding of love is so small and distorted. As we project this understanding of love, we realize that a "loving God" doesn't make sense all of the time. He righteousness and wrath "contradicts" and his "love". This fundamental shift really rocked my thinking about God.

The book then goes on to talk about idolatry and justice. She directly connects these topics with God's holiness and it just clicked for me! Then she goes into how we are to worship and glorify Him, because of his holiness, and in that we, through Jesus, become holy. This is the good news!

There are so many more nuggets. I love the way she writes. This book takes hard to understand topics and instead of turning them into academic, she goes poetic and it's absolutely beautiful!