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Start with Why

November 1, 2021

I just finished Start with Why by Simon Sinek. This is one of the few books in my life that I started highlighting (that may prove how bad of a reader I am or how good the book is). I would highly recommend this book. It has been helping me to rethink my WHY and my approach to what I do day-to-day.

This first key insight is that you can get your customers/employees to do something either by inspiring or manipulating them. Manipulation can be things like price, promotion, aspiration, fear, peer-pressure, novelty, etc. In itself, manipulation isn’t bad (try to take away the bad connotation in your mind). In fact, they usually show fantastic results, especially in the short term. However, it rarely leads to loyalty, sustained growth, and trust. The second key insight was that if you can get your customers/employees to see the WHY themselves and let them run with it, it leads to high trust, loyalty, self-replication, and usually the greatest innovation. Customers/employees feel that their identity is tied to your vision, transcending the products/services you offer.

I also found it interesting because the book highlighted cases where companies either seemingly never had a WHY (and what they look like), or they had a stong WHY, but lost it (and what they look like!).

Anyway, really good book. After reading it I feel inspired and refreshed. I would highly recommend. Super good.