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Cultivating Content Design

October 25, 2021

I just finished Cultivating Content Design by Ann Handley. Ann leads content design at Hubspot.

I thought this would be more about how to develop good, clear, thourough content. Content for landing pages, marketing, emails, and such. And this book certainly takes a glance at it. However, it's more about developing a system for your team and with your team so that you can have a unified voice. It’s more about creating guidelines and empowering your team -- if you are the only one speaking every piece of content to your team or customers you will burn out and your voice won’t carry. But, if you teach your team the skills they need to follow/challenge/share a content design strategy, they can carry a unified voice a lot farther!

I started reading this as we were doing our SalesForce training and I really liked the parallel that I was learning. Learning to lean and share with the rest of my team.